Renaissance Construction Technologies India Limited Liability Partnership (RCTILLP) is one of the leading Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management Consultancy services providers in India. Through leadership and foresight, we have built national and international network of like-minded individuals. Based in Bangalore, through our strategically located branch offices in various National and International cities namely Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ranchi, Muscat, Doha & Dubai, we are providing services across India and beyond.

Why Us?

  • Design Capability is our in-built strength. We ensure designs are reviewed by our team.
  • We take ownership of our responsibilities
  • We work on behalf of Client as an extension of Clients office
  • We believe in making things happen as against the traditional Observe “Record” Report

What we Provide?

  • Comprehensive Project Plans
  • Regular tracking systems , for progress Vs. Plans
  • Real time Alerts
  • Advanced reporting techniques / Dash-board style Weekly Reports
  • EVMS based Cost Management processes
  • Well defined roles & responsibilities for each project personnel, and as a team.

How we add value?

  • Sourcing of good Architects & Consultants
  • Sourcing resourceful Contractors
  • Good Value Engineering & Cost Optimization of project
  • Timely delivery of Project without Cost / Time Overrun