SEMAC Construction Technologies India LLP (SCTILLP) earlier known as Renaissance Construction Technologies India LLP (RCTILLP) is one of the leading Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management Consultancy services providers in India. Through leadership and foresight, we have built national and international network of like-minded individuals. Based in Bangalore, through our strategically located branch offices in various National and International cities namely Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ranchi, Dubai, Muscat, Doha and Uganda, we are providing services across India and beyond.

Why Us?

  • Design Capability is our in-built strength. We ensure designs are reviewed by our team in-house to protect our Clients' Design confidentiality
  • We take ownership of our responsibilities
  • We work on behalf of Client as an extension of our Clients' office
  • We believe in making things happen as against the traditional Observe “Record” Report

What we Provide?

  • Comprehensive Project Plans
  • Regular tracking systems , for progress Vs. Plans
  • Real time Alerts
  • Advanced reporting techniques / Dash-board style Weekly Reports
  • EVMS based Cost Management processes
  • Well defined roles & responsibilities for each project personnel, and as a team.

How we add value?

  • Sourcing of good Architects & Consultants
  • Sourcing resourceful Contractors
  • Good Value Engineering & Cost Optimization of project
  • Timely delivery of Project without Cost / Time Overrun